Adductor Magnus is the largest of the adductor muscles and with the gracilis muscle forms the long adductor group.

Origin (where it starts from)

  • Adductor head: Inferior ramus of pubis and ischial ramus
  • Hamstring head: Ischial tuberosity

Insertion (where it inserts into)

  • Adductor head: Gluteal tuberosity, linea aspera and proximal supracondylar line
  • Hamstring head: Adductor tubercle of the femur


  • Adductor head: Adducts and flexes hip
  • Hamstring head: Extends hip

Which nerve makes it move?

  • Adductor head: Obturator nerve
  • Hamstring head: Sciatic nerve

Everyday uses

  • Bringing your second leg into the car

How can I stretch it?

How can I strengthen it?

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