The Semimembranosus muscle is the most medial (inside) of the three hamstring muscles and along with the semitendinosus muscle provides dynamic stability to the knee joint.


  • Ischial tuberosity


  • Posterior part of the medial condyle of the tibia


  • Hip extension
  • Knee flexion
  • Internal rotation of the hip when the knee is flexed


  • Tibial part of the sciatic nerve

Daily uses

  • Bending the knee to step over something

How can I stretch it?

How can I strengthen it?

  • Knee curl machine
  • Hip extension using body weight
  • Hip extension using a resistance band

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When running the hamstrings act eccentrically to slow down the knee extension motion. Hamstring strains are common in individuals with chronically tight hamstrings or who do not warm-up thoroughly.

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