The aim is to encourage good passing technique and timing of movement.

Netball Group Drills

Organisation: 2 lines of players with a ball at the front of the line, one at each end of the centre third. 2 feeders placed inside the centre third opposite each other. Pass to the feeder on your left, one line of players drives through the middle of the area to receive a pass from the same feeder.

The other line of players drive behind and round the opposite feeder to receive a pass from the feeder they initially threw to. Players return the ball to the next worker and rejoin the back of this queue.

Coaching Points:

  • Strong, flat, accurate pass the choice of which must be appropriate to the distance that the ball is traveling
  • Ball travels to the space in front of the moving player so she can drive on to it
  • Head and eyes up
  • Balanced and controlled landing, obeying the footwork rule
  • Time your run in accordance with the person with the ball, both players should be catching the ball at the same time


  • Add defender in the middle of the area
  • Add different attacking moves
  • Increase the size of the area
  • Use a variety of passes