Skill acquisition focuses on how skill is acquired and the impact of psychological factors on performance. As soon as I get round to it this part will link to all the helpful stuff we have on site.

Below is an outline of the syllabus. Click to learn about skill acquisition or test yourself with skill acquisition quizzes.

Skill, skill continuum and transfer of skills

  • Characteristics of skill. Use of skill continua.
  • Justification of skill placement on each of the continua.
  • Transfer of learning.
  • Understanding of how transfer of learning impacts on skill development.

Impact of skill classification on structure of practice for learning

  • Methods of presenting practice.
  • Types of practice.
  • Understanding how knowledge of skill classification informs practice structure (presentation and type) to allow learning/ development of skills.

Principles and theories of learning and performance

  • Stages of learning and how feedback differs between the different stages of learning.
  • Learning plateau.
  • Cognitive theories.
  • Behaviourism.
  • Social learning.
  • Constructivism.
  • Understanding of how theories of learning impact on skill development.

Use of guidance and feedback

  • Methods of guidance.
  • Understand the different purposes and types of feedback.
  • Understanding of how feedback and guidance impacts on skill development.

Memory models

General information processing model, to include:

  • Input
  • Decision making.
  • Output.
  • Feedback.

Efficiency of information processing to include:

  • Application of Whiting’s information processing model to a range of sporting contexts.
  • Applied understanding of information processing terms within a sporting context.
  • Definitions of and the relationship between reaction time, response time, movement time
  • Factors affecting response time.
  • Definitions of anticipation.

  • Strategies to improve response time.
  • Schmidt’s schema theory
  • Application of schema theory in sporting situations.
  • Strategies to improve information processing.