Fun Football Games

Aim: To improve soccer dribbling, running with the ball, control and turning techniques

Suitable for: U7’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area, 1 ball for each player. Different coloured cones

Organisation:  Mark off a large area with at least one cone per player. Use four cones to mark off a smaller internal box.

All players dribble around the central area. Emphasis on close control, touching the ball with the inside, outside and sole of boot, encourage players to use both feet. On the coaches command players must turn and dribble their ball around the nearest cone and back to the middle area. First one to get back is the winner.


  • The cones around the area should be 2 - 4 colours, the coach can then shout a colour instead of just any cone
  • Make the areas smaller or larger
  • Change the rules so last player back is out, that player must then dribble around the area until the game has finished.

Coaching Points

  • Head up / vision / awareness of space
  • Keep the ball under control at all times