This soccer drill encourages players to come to meet the ball. A central player receives passes alternately from each side.



Aim: To improve passing technique

Suitable for: U9’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area, 4 cones, 2 balls for 3 players

Organisation: 2 players pass a ball to a working player who always comes to meet the ball. Serving players should make a movement away from the ball and then come in to meet it also. High tempo repetitive practice for 1 minute.


  • Pass can be chipped, lofted or driven, receiving player can take a touch before returning pass
  • Increase/decrease distances between players

Coaching Points

  • Accuracy of pass
  • Weight of pass
  • Watch the ball come on to the foot to aid timing
  • First touch with a soft foot, out of feet to the left or to the right ready for return pass


Save and print this drill as a pdf here.