One player stands on the edge of the penalty area and receives the ball from the shooter. They then lay the ball off to the shooter who takes a first time shot.


Soccer shooting drills

Aim: Shooting practice

Suitable for: Under 7's and upwards

Equipment: 1 goal, 2 cones

How: Player A starts with a ball. They pass it to a player B who is standing around the edge of the 18 yard area. Player B lays the ball off in 1 or 2 touches. After player A passes to player B they make a move towards the goal and shoot 1st time from player B's lay off.

Switch player B so everyone gets a chance to shoot.


  • Add a goalkeeper and maybe a defender.
  • Player B chips for a volley

Coaching Points:

  • Player B's lay off should be timed correctly so player A can run onto it and shoot.
  • Player A should concentrate on keeping their head and knee over the ball to keep the shot low.