Players aim to control a ball that is crossed in from the side, take a touch and then shoot. The player crossing in should aim to cross the ball into the marked area and the striker should need no more than 1 touch.

Soccer shooting drills

Aim: To improve passing and shooting technique

Suitable for: U11’s and upwards

Equipment: 1 goal, balls, 10 cones.

Organisation:  1 striker works with a wide 'serving' player and the striker has 5 attempts to score. The ball starts at the top corner of the penalty box with the serving player. They pass the ball across the penalty box, to the player in the cone marked box. The striker must receive and control the ball in the box (marked with cones) then shoot at the goal. As the shooting player rotates a ball can be crossed to the opposite box. 


  • Must be high tempo
  • After all players have had 5 shots rotate servers and strikers change boxes
  • Strikers 1st touch towards centre of goal then shoots
  • As the ball travels the 1st striker dummies and moves to a central position, the 2nd striker lays the ball off in to the 1st strikers path

Coaching Points

  • Accuracy of shot
  • Accuracy and weight of pass
  • Shot selection (driven, side foot placed, lob, curl, etc)
  • Vision, awareness of goalkeepers position