Two teams compete in a specific area to score as quickly as possible as balls are crossed in. This drill can be advanced by having a smaller area or putting a goalkeeper in goal.


Soccer shooting drills

Aim :To improve shooting technique

Suitable for :U11’s and upwards

Equipment :1 goal, lots of balls.


Split the group into two teams. Have 2 feeding players, 1 on either side of the marked area, throwing balls into the area. Players line up in any formation. The idea is to shoot on site if the opportunity is there. The players are given one instruction, SHOOT.

Progressions :

  • Must be high tempo
  • Limit touches
  • Alter width of area

Coaching Points

  • Accuracy of shot
  • Shot selection (driven, side foot placed, lob, curl, etc)
  • First touch away from opposition
  • Taking players away to make space