Balls are set up along the 'D' of the penalty area. The player runs to collect each one, sets it in front of them and shoots. This drill can be done further out or closer to the sidelines for more confident shooters.

Soccer shooting drills

Aim: To improve shooting technique

Suitable for: U9’s and upwards

Equipment: 1 goal, 5 balls.

Organisation:  1 striker works and has five attempts to score. 5 balls are placed around the D outside the penalty area. The players come and collect a ball, turn and shoots. As soon as the player shoots they must sprint to pick up another ball.


  • Must be high tempo
  • Limit touches
  • One shot must be with weaker foot
  • Add a goalkeeper and the player can take them on in a 1 on 1 situation
  • Add defenders to pressure player as he picks up the ball

Coaching Points

  • Accuracy of shot
  • Shot selection (driven, side foot placed, lob, curl, etc)
  • Vision, awareness of goalkeepers position
  • Take the ball away from defender