The striker passes the ball to one player, who forwards it onto another before the ball is set back to the striker who takes a shot. Progression can be obtained by using your weaker foot every few shots or adding defenders.

Soccer shooting drills

Aim : To improve passing and shooting technique

Suitable for: U11’s and upwards

Equipment: 1 goal, 1 ball, 2 cones.

Organisation: Player A starts with the ball. Player B stands in front and to the left of player A, with player C in front and to the right of player B. Player A passes to player B and starts to move towards the goal. Player B then plays the ball to player C, who lays it in the path of player A who shoots 1st time.


  • Must be high tempo
  • At least one shot must be with weaker foot
  • Add goalkeepers and defenders to pressure player as he picks up the ball

Coaching Points

  • Accuracy of shot
  • Accuracy and weight of pass
  • Shot selection (driven, side foot placed, lob, curl, etc)
  • Vision, awareness of goalkeepers position