International Athlete, Sports Model and Presenter Jenny Pacey demonstrates drills to improve hurdling technique.

The aim is to run tall on the toes and aim to have a fast lead leg - slightly bent, not straight. The lead leg should come up fast and down fast with the athlete running tall, on toes with high hips.


This isolates the trail leg. The aim is to run tall on the toes with hips high and pull the trail leg through as fast as possible and forwards into the next stride. A common mistake is to bring the trail leg down early before it is pulled through with the knee high in front.

This is an excellent warm up exercise which can also be done as a strengthening exercise if enough sets are performed.

The aim is to walk tall on toes, hips high and walk over the hurdles with good technique. Most hurdlers will do this as a warm up - or for example performing 10 sets on each leg will have a strengthening effect.

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