The aim is to improve control and handling. Player crouches over with their knees bent, feet shoulder width apart, with both hands behind their legs, holding the ball. The player then flips the ball forward and up, brings their arms in front of their legs and catches the ball with arms outstretched.


Basketball Ball Handling

This exercise can be reversed so the player throws the ball back between their legs, and catches the ball behind them.


  • Increase the speed of movement.
  • Have 1 hand in front and the other behind their legs and hold the ball between them, drop the ball, then switch the positions of the hands before the ball hits the floor.

Coaching Points

  • Keeping the fingers spread.
  • Making sure the ball is held firm as this should improve a players ability to hold on to rebounds, passes, or collecting a loose ball.
  • Concentrate on smacking the ball hard, when changing the position of the hands.

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