The aim is to improve control and handling, dribbling. Player begins with feet apart, and leans to the right. Starting outside their right leg they dribble the ball with their right hand, the player must then lean to the left and dribble with the left hand.


Basketball Ball Handling


  • Player can repeat the drill, but now on the move, and dribble on a figure of 8 path, changing hands as he leans in the other direction.
  • Increase speed
  • Dribble lower
  • Make the path of the dribble harder, with more changes in direction.

Coaching Points

  • Make sure the player gives the ball a hard, quick slap when changing hands.
  • The hand that is not in use should be ready for the switch at all times, so should be held between the players legs.
  • Hands should be kept behind the ball as they dribble.

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