The aim is to improve defensive positioning. Start with 2 offensive players at the top of the key, one either side, and 2 more offensive players in the wing positions. Defenders start by the offensive players in the correct position.


Basketball Defense Drills

Coach can then give 3 commands, 'in', 'out', or 'over'. The 'in' command relates to one of the players at the top of the key passing the ball to the wing on the same side. The 'out' command is the ball being passed back to the top of the key. The 'over' command is the bal being passed from one key player to the other.

As the ball is passed around each defender must move, if your direct opponent passes the ball, you have to 'jump to the ball', this means following the direction of the ball. This movement should get you into position to give help on the ball and defend a cut from your oppenent.

Reverse roles and repeat drill


  • Increase speed
  • Introduce more offensive and defensive players.

Coaching Points

  • In a strong defensive position a player would have a wide base and knees slightly bent with arms out in font and palms facing forward towards opposing player or the ball.

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