The aim is to improve defensive positioning and movement. Player 1 starts in the mid court area and in possession of the ball. Player 2 starts at the extended foul line area and is the offensive player. The defensive player is player 3 and they stand in a strong defensive position, facing player 2.

Basketball Defense Drills

Player 1 dribbles the ball in the direction of player 2. Player 2 then runs away into the lane towards the basket and out the other side of the lane. When player 2 reaches the other side of the lane they V cut back into the lane towards player 1, looking and calling for a pass As player 2 moves across the lane for the first time player 3 must open up, so they can see the ball and player 2. When player 2 V cuts back player 3 tries to recover and stop a pass being made.

Rotate players and repeat the drill.


  • Increase speed
  • Change to the other side

Coaching Points

  • In a strong defensive position a player would have a wide base and knees slightly bent with arms out in font and palms facing forward towards opposing player or the ball. Short quick steps are generally used, and feet should not be crossed.
  • When using the V cut, the first phase is cutting towards the basket with the inside foot (nearest the basket). It is important to keep the knee flexed, and then turn sharply on the balls of the feet, and push back to outside, and shift weight in opposite direction, and keep moving to the outside.

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