The aim is to improve offensive moves, hook shot, and defensive tracking.Player 1 begins with the ball and is offensive. Player 2 is defensive, and both players start to the left of the key.

Basketball One on One Drills

Player 1 dribbles down the lane, with player 2 on the inside (closest to the basket). When player 1 gets near the basket they stop quickly, and pivot off their right foot (furthest from the basket), allowing player 2 to run slightly past them. Player 1 then dribbles at the basket and attempts a hook shot.

Swap roles and run the drill again.


  • Use weaker arm for the shot and dribble.

Coaching Points

  • When attempting the hook shot have the shooting hand underneath the ball, and the non-shooting hand behind the ball, hold the ball at chest height, and keep the knees slightly bent. Step and pivot in towards the basket, extend the arm, flex the wrist and fingers and release the ball at the highest point..

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