The aim is to improve both offensive and defensive play. Player 1 starts in the lower half of the free throw circle. Player 2 starts with the ball underneath the basket. Player 2 passes the ball to player 1 and then moves towards player 1 and takes up a strong defensive position.


Basketball One on One Drills

Once player 2 is in position player 1 can then use fakes and pivots in an attempt to score or draw a foul. Player 1 must have at least 1 foot inside the lower half of the free throw circle at all times. 1 point is scored for each successful basket. If player 1 gets fouled but still makes the shot they get 1 free throw, if they get fouled and miss the shot they get 2 free throws.


  • Use weaker arm for the shot.
  • Set a time limit on the shot.

Coaching Points

  • Do not dribble the ball.
  • Use a variety of moves and fakes to make room for a shot.

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