The aim is to improve both offensive and defensive play. Player 1 starts with the ball in the mid-court area, and player 2 at the top of the key. Player 1 dribbles the ball towards player 2. Player 1 stops still, just in front of player 2, but continues to dribble the ball.


Basketball One on One Drills

Player 1 then starts a full body shiver whilst staying on the spot. This is supposed to knock the defensive player off balance and not on their toes. Once this is achieved player 1 makes a quick dart for the basket and attempts a lay up.


  • Use weaker arm for the dribble and shot.
  • Think of other ways to unbalance defender.

Coaching Points

  • When attempting the lay up make sure the non-shooting hand is under the ball, and the shooting hand is on top, keep the elbow in, lift shooting knee, and jump straight up off the other leg, extend arms, and release the ball at the highest point.

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