The aim is to improve the hook shot technique. Players start with their back to the basket, again in a sturdy stance, with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. To enable them to see the target they will need to look over their shoulder.


Basketball Shooting Drills

The hand position alters for this shot, as the shooting hand should be under the ball and the non-shooting hand behind and ever so slightly on top of the ball. The elbow of the shooting arm should be flexed and situated around the hip, with the ball in alignment with the shoulder.

Step away from the defender using the opposite foot, and hold the ball back and protect it with the head and shoulders. As players step, they must pivot towards the basket, lift their knee on the shooting side and jump off the pivot foot. Extend the elbow to shoot, and remember to flex the wrist and fingers, release the ball and follow through fully.

Common Faults:

  • Losing Control on the Shot: This usually occurs if players take the non-shooting hand off the ball too soon. Concentrate on keeping the non-shooting hand on the ball until the release.
  • Producing Side spin:This usually occurs if players hands start on the sides of the ball, or they release the ball off the ring finger. Concentrate on having the shooting hand under the ball and the non-shooting hand behind and slightly on top of the ball. Also releasing the ball off the index finger should help eliminate this error.
  •  Shot is Wide: If the right handed shot misses to the right or vice versa, this usually means the arm comes across in front of the head on the follow through. However if it misses on the left when shooting with the right hand, or vice versa, the arm is more than likely going behind the head on the follow through. These usually occur when the ball is held in the incorrect position. Concentrate on the position of the hands, and elbow.
  • Shot is Short or Long: The main cause of this is a shortened or differing elbow extension. Concentrate on extended the arm fully on each shot.

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