The aim is to improve the jump shot technique. This shot is very similar to the one-hand set shot in that it should start from a sturdy base with the players feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing straight ahead, and knees bent.

Basketball Shooting Drills

The non-shooting hand should be under the ball and the shooting hand at the back of the ball, with the elbow tucked in. Extend the legs, back, shoulders, and elbow, then flex the wrist, and fingers forwards and release the ball at the highest point. After release fingers should be pointed at the target, with the palm facing down.

The two main differences are that the ball should be held higher, above a players line of vision to the basket. This means having the shooting forearm at a 90 degree angle to the floor, and the upper arm at least parallel to the floor if not higher.

The other difference is that players release the ball after jumping into the air, off both feet, extending everything from their ankles up to their shoulders. The height of the jump depends on the range of the shot. If a player is close to the basket and tightly marked they may need to use the full force of their legs to jump above their opponent and release the ball when they reach the highest point of the jump. However on a long range attempt a player is likely to have more time, so here they do not need to out jump their opponent, and they should release the ball as they are still jumping.

Common Faults:

  • Long Shooting Stroke: If a player lowers the ball too far from its high starting position, this will lengthen the shooting stroke, which means more things can go wrong. Concentrate on keeping the ball high and using the legs for power and rhythm.
  • Moving in the Air: When players are jumping it is important they land in the same place they took off. If they move forward, backwards, or to either side whilst in the air they will more often than not miss the shot. Concentrate on jumping up and landing on the same spot.

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