The aim is to improve shooting technique. A player starts by lying on their back on the floor, holding the ball above their shooting shoulder. Then the player shoots the ball into the air using the technique suggested below. Ideally the ball should return straight back to their hands.

Basketball Shooting Drills


  • Shoot the ball higher
  • Players should use their weaker arm
  • Close their eyes

Coaching Points

  • When performing the one-hand set shot it is vital that the player keeps their eyes on the target, with feet shoulder width apart, and knees slightly bent. The non-shooting hand should be under the ball and the shooting hand at the back of the ball, with the elbow tucked in. The ball should be held between the ear and shoulder. The next phase would be to extend the legs, back, shoulders, and elbow, then flex the wrist, and fingers forwards and release the ball at the highest point. After release fingers should be pointed at the target, with the palm facing dow

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