The aim is to improve the lay up technique. Jumping as high as possible when executing this shot would be beneficial.


Basketball Shooting Drills

Speed can create height, but this speed must also be controlled, with the last step before the lay up being short and with the opposite foot to shooting hand. A players knee should be dipped on takeoff, with their non-shooting hand under the ball, and shooting hand on top of the ball. Lift the shooting knee and the ball up, bringing the ball between the shoulder and ear.

On the jump extend the leg, back, shoulders, and elbow, and direct the wrist and fingers straight at the basket and release the ball at the highest point. Complete the follow through with the arm up and palm facing down, and hold until the ball has reached the basket.

Common Faults:

  • Losing Control on the Shot: This usually occurs if players take the non-shooting hand off the ball too soon. Concentrate on keeping the non-shooting hand on the ball until the release.
  •  Ball gets Blocked or Stolen: This usually occurs when the ball is swiveled to the side before release. Concentrate on lifting the ball straight up on each shot.
  • Using a Long Jump: This usually occurs when a long step is taken before jumping, propelling players forward instead of up. Concentrate on the target and keeping the head up, and make sure the step is short so the knee can be dipped, lift the opposite knee and the ball to the basket to create the upward movement.

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