The aim is to improve the One-handed set shot technique. When players are performing the one-hand set shot it is vital they keep their eyes on the target, with feet shoulder width apart, and knees slightly bent.

Basketball Shooting Drills

 The non-shooting hand should be under the ball and the shooting hand at the back of the ball, with the elbow tucked in. The ball should be held between the ear and shoulder. The next phase would be to extend the legs, back, shoulders, and elbow, then flex the wrist, and fingers forwards and release the ball at the highest point. After release fingers should be pointed at the target, with the palm facing down.

Common Faults:

  • Shot Falls Short: This usually occurs because the legs are not being used in the upward extension motion that is needed to produce the power. However it could also be down to a shortened follow through or a lack of rhythm in the shot. Concentrate on improving these 3 areas and your shot should reach.
  •  Shot Goes Long: The main reason for this is that the shooting arm does not extend at the 45 degree angle required, but less than this, causing the ball to hit the rim and bounce back. Other reasons for this fault could be players having their hands too far apart on the ball, or leaning their shoulders back. Concentrate on extending the arm above the 45 degree angle, move the hands closer together and relax the shoulders.
  • Shot Goes Wide: If right handed players shot hits the left side of the rim or vice versa, then they are not square with the basket on shooting. Or they are starting with the ball to far to their shooting side, which would force them to pull the ball across to the other side. Concentrate on holding the ball between the ear and shoulder on the shooting side and keeping the elbow tucked in, this should prevent the player from pulling the ball across their body.

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