The aim is to improve hook shot technique. The player should use their right hand for the first shot. Start by facing the right sideline, standing underneath the basket. Hold the ball in the hook shot position, with the right hand, pivot around to the left, towards the basket, and shoot the hook shot.


Basketball Shooting Drills

 Then catch the ball in two hands on the rebound, and face the left sideline, again underneath the basket. Place the ball in the left hand , pivot to the right, and shoot another hook shot, with the left hand this time. Continue this drill, alternating between right and left hands.


  • Increase speed of the drill
  • Add a dribble

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure the ball is held in the hook shot position.
  • When attempting the hook shot have the shooting hand underneath the ball, and the non-shooting hand behind the ball, hold the ball at chest height, and keep the knees slightly bent. Step and pivot in towards the basket, extend the arm, flex the wrist and fingers and release the ball at the highest point.

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