2v2 Drills

The following football drills are designed for 2 players to play against another pair. They are ideal for getting all players involved and in contact with the ball yet retaining a competitive small side games approach to coaching.

Two v two game of headers and volleys tennis in a marked court with cones placed in the middle to make a net. Points are won if the ball hits the floor more than twice and fun competition can be had by setting a points target.

A line of balls is placed between two teams of two. Players take it in turn to race to the middle and collect a ball and the team with the most balls collected wins.

A 2v2 mini game where teams compete for position in a square marked out by cones. This focusses on close quarters dribbling and ball retention for attackers and positioning and tackling for defenders.

One pair attempts to pass the ball to each other with the ball passing through coned gates for one minute. Their score is counted and another team has a go.

A central player passes three balls to outside players in turn, then receives the balls back from outside players in the same order they passed them in. More outside players can be added to make the drill more complex.

In pairs, players pass the ball to each other whilst trying to keep the ball off the ground using only headers and volleys. More confident players can stand farther apart from each other.

Pairs compete in a square to score by receiving a pass in the end zone, then aiming to score again at the other end. Players of higher fitness levels can extend the playing zone.

Pitch is marked with two 'end zones'. Players compete with each other to score by receiving a pass in either of the end zones.

Players compete in a large square with the aim of scoring by knocking off either of the balls placed on saucer cones in the middle. Players can set a larger area to create long range attempts at hitting the ball.

Players compete in a central area aiming to create space to shoot and knock their opponents balls off cones, which are situated outside the central area. More points can be scored if the balls are farther away from the playing area.

Two pairs compete in a marked area with a cone gate in the middle. They score by passing to their team mate through the cone gate. Higher skilled players can set the playing area smaller or have a smaller gate.

Players compete in a large square with the aim of scoring by stopping the ball on their opponents baseline. This drill improves vision and short- and medium-range passing.