A line of balls is placed between two teams of two. Players take it in turn to race to the middle and collect a ball and the team with the most balls collected wins.


Aim: To improve dribbling and skill techniques

Suitable for: U7’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area appropriate size for age, 4 cones, 11 balls (or any odd number) between 4 players.

Organisation:  Set up a clearly marked box area, with a row of balls along the centre of the box. Line the players up at opposite ends of the box. The aim is, on the coaches command, to run to the middle line of balls, turn, dribble the ball and stop it on the end line. The team with the most balls wins.

  • Increase / decrease the marked area
  • Add a defender on each side of the balls
  • Use weaker foot only

Coaching Points

  • Emphasis is on keeping the ball close to feet
  • Encourage players to use tricks and pieces of skill
  • Feints / drop shoulder, nutmegs, knock & run, big toe little toe, etc.
  • Encourage players to run at pace, turn quickly, sharp change of direction and close control.