A central player passes three balls to outside players in turn, then receives the balls back from outside players in the same order they passed them in. More outside players can be added to make the drill more complex.


Aim: To improve dribbling, passing, control and communication.

Suitable for: U9’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area appropriate size for age, 4 cones, 3 ball between 4 players

Organisation:  Players set up as shown in diagram. One player starts by running in to central area to collect a ball, the player must then dribble the ball and leave it at the feet of any player on the outside of the area, then the player must collect another ball and repeat until all balls are with players in the corners. The player must then run towards each player in turn and command the ball, control, turn and dribble to central area and leave the ball, the player repeats this until all balls are in the middle area.


  • Encourage players to run at pace, high tempo
  • Time each set as a target for each player to beat

Coaching Points

  • Players encouraged to use both feet
  • Emphasis is on keeping the ball close to feet
  • Encourage players to turn sharply
  • Accuracy and weight of pass