Pairs compete in a square to score by receiving a pass in the end zone, then aiming to score again at the other end. Players of higher fitness levels can extend the playing zone.


Aim: To improve dribbling and skill techniques

Suitable for: U7’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area appropriate size for age, 6 cones, 1 ball between 4 players

Organisation:  In a square, each team attempts to keep possession of the ball. Whilst keeping possession the teams also aim to move to one end stop the ball on the line the move to the other end line. A team can continue this until they lose possession.

If the ball goes out of the square it is given to the opposition.


  • Increase / decrease the marked area to promote a better 1st touch and quicker feet (smaller area) or pass and move (larger area)

Coaching Points

  • Emphasis is on keeping the ball close to feet
  • Encourage players to use tricks and pieces of skill
  • Feints / drop shoulder, nutmegs, knock & run, big toe little toe, etc.
  • Move into space
  • Communicate