Two pairs compete in a marked area with a cone gate in the middle. They score by passing to their team mate through the cone gate. Higher skilled players can set the playing area smaller or have a smaller gate.


Aim: To improve passing and movement techniques

Suitable for: U9’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area appropriate size for age, 6 cones, 1 ball between 4 players

Organisation:  Set up a square with two cones in the middle as a goal. The aim is to keep possession in your team and try to score by passing the ball through the central cones to your team mate.

If a goal is scored the ball gets given to the opposition. If the ball goes out of the square it is given to the team that didn't knock it out.


  • Encourage players to increase tempo
  • Increase / decrease the marked area to promote a better 1st touch and quicker feet (smaller area) or pass and move (larger area)
  • Increase / decrease the distance between the central cones

Coaching Points

  • Emphasis is on 1st touch, keep ball out of feet and in the direction of supporting player
  • Communication is essential
  • 1st touch with inside or outside of foot
  • Players encouraged to overlap to support and take players away