The aim is to restrict the vision of the opposing player who is in possession of the ball.


Organisation:  Three players - a shooter, defender and receiver. The shooter attempts to shoot whilst the defender takes up a tall stance with arms and hands covering the potential path the ball will take.

Coaching Points

  • Defender takes up a position in front of the player with the ball at a distance of 0.9m (3 feet) from their landing foot.
  • Fully stretched (either tall or wide) to cover the space as near to the ball as possible.
  • Fingers spread, palms facing ball.
  • Watch the ball and players eyes.
  • Feet less than shoulder width apart and keep on toes for maximum height.
  • Bodyweight slightly forwards whilst maintaining this position for at least three seconds.


  • This can be applied to any area of the court, not just shooting.
  • Progress to rebounding drill