The aim is to achieve an interception in the shooting circle by communicating with another circle defender.


Netball Defensive Play

Organisation: 1 feeder outside the shooting circle, 1 shooter, 2 circle defenders. Shooter moves around the area whilst being shadowed by the 2 defenders who form a V shape around the shooter. The defender at the back of this shape co-ordinates the movement of the second defender who is at the front, this is known as having "eyes at the back". The feeder passes the ball to the shooter which is intercepted by one of the defenders. 

Coaching Points

  • Loud, clear and well timed direction from the "eyes at the back"
  • Small foot base with knees flexed, keep head still and eyes up
  • Angle your body so the shooter is forced to move in a certain direction, ready for you to make the interception


  • Add another shooter
  • Add another feeder