The aim is to encourage communication between the two defenders.


Netball Defensive Play


Players set up in a square with two defenders in the centre, one at the front and one at the back. Defending players call to each other in order to direct their positioning and achieve an interception. Players on the outside are not allowed to pass to their immediate left or right.

Coaching Points

  • Keep head and eyes up at all times.
  • Keep small foot base.
  • Watch ball and player's eyes, ready to time the interception.
  • Calls need to be clear, well timed, and in response to the predicted pass.


  • Increase players around the outside to form a circle (players on the outside are not allowed to throw imediately to the player next to them).
  • Increase the size of the playing space.
  • Add an attacker to the middle of the playing area.