The aim is to work the ball to the edge of the circle in order to be in a good position to feed a shooter.


Netball Attacking Play

Organisation: 2 players in the circle – 1 shooter, 1 defender. Two attacking feeders and two shadowing defenders outside the shooting area. The attacking players work the ball on and off the circle edge until an appropriate moment is available to successfully feed the shooter.

Coaching points:


  • Ensure passes are accurate and into the space, enabling the moving player to attack the ball
  • Use arms to maximise speed on sprint to circle edge
  • Land in an upright and balanced position as close the circle edge as possible
  • Ball to shooter must be placed away from the defender




  • Vary the starting positions of the attackers
  • Increase pressure from defenders
  • Add conditions to the play e.g. 5 passes in the attacking area before the ball is passed to the shooter
  • Build up to game situations