The aim is to encourage good passing technique and timing of movement.


Netball Group Drills

Organisation: 8+ players and 2 balls. Players divide up on the corners of a square, use cones to mark this if necessary. 2 players in opposite corners of the square start with a ball each.

The remaining 2 players drive towards the centre of the square, to receive a pass from the player to their left. This player then passes to the corner directly in front of them and the process repeats. Players join the back of the line they have just thrown to. 

Coaching Points

  • Strong, flat accurate pass which should be made in front of the moving player for them to drive on to
  • Drill should be carried out at maximum intensity
  • The 2 moving players should receive the ball at the same time and the same area in the middle of the square.
  • Keep vision open with awareness of players around you


  • Practice receiving from both the left and right sides
  • Variety of passes
  • Set targets for amount of passes / time
  • Bring the square in and practice tipping the ball to each other