The aim is to encourage good passing technique and timing of movement.


Netball Group Drills

Organisation: 8+ players and 2 balls. Players divide up on the corners of a square, use cones to mark this if necessary. 2 players begin with a ball in the middle of the line on two sides of the square. They then pass diagonally to another player driving out from their corner of the square.

This process then repeats with the path of the balls forming a diamond shape within the square formation. Aim to work consistently for a set period of time / amount of passes.

Coaching Points:

  • Strong, flat, accurate pass
  • Ball travels to the space in front of the moving player so she can drive on to it
  • Balanced and controlled landing, obeying the footwork rule
  • Time your run in accordance with the person with the ball – are they in a balanced, ready position?


  • Change the direction of the practice
  • Incorporate different attacking moves e.g. change of direction, dodge before receiving the ball
  • Increase the size of the square