The aim is to encourage good passing technique and timing of movement.


Netball Group Drills

Organisation: 2 lines of players with a ball at the front of the line, one at each end of the centre third. 2 feeders placed inside the centre third diagonally apart from each other. Pass first to the closest feeder, sprint forwards and receive the ball again. Turn to face the next feeder and pass again. Sprint forwards and receive the ball back, pass ball on to the opposite line of players. Join the end of this line. Drill begins again.

Coaching Points:

  • Strong, flat, accurate pass
  • Ball travels to the space in front of the moving player so she can drive on to it
  • Head and eyes up
  • Balanced and controlled landing, obeying the footwork rule
  • Time your run in accordance with the person with the ball, both players should be catching the ball in the middle at the same time


  • Add a 2nd stage defender in the middle of the area
  • Add different attacking moves
  • Increase the size of the area
  • Use a variety of passes
  • Straight Line 2