The All England Netball Association (AENA) is the national governing body for the sport of netball in England. It was formed on the 12th February 1926. When the Association was formed, 12 leagues and 21 clubs affiliated.

These numbers grew rapidly however, and by 1929 there were 24 leagues and over 300 clubs affiliated to the Association.
One of the primary responsibilities of the AENA is the organisation of inter-counties competition. The first 'Netball Inter-Counties Championship' was held in 1932 - Essex were victorious on that occassion. These Championships are still held every season.


In addition to this, recent years have seen the introduction of a major elite club competition in Britain - the Netball SuperLeague. For more information about this, click here.
The AENA is also responsible for the organisation of the English national side. The first international matches were played in 1949, against Scotland & Wales. England were victorious in both of these matches.

International Code of Rules

1957 was a particularly key year in the history of the AENA. Several nations collaborated and an international code of rules was established. This featured a number of major differences to the previous rules played in England. The new international rules were adopted in the entirity in some nations, such as Australia and New Zealand, however the AENA felt that a complete change was too drastic a change to be implemented in one move. These changes to the rules were therefore introduced sporadically in England. Complete transition was completed in 1961.
The first world tournament was held in 1963, in England. Australia were crowned champions, with New Zealand finishing second and the hosts third. This is still held every 4 years.
The AENA, along with other major world governing bodies, are pushing for the inclusion of netball at future Olympic games.
For information about the other major governing bodies involved in world netball, please click here.