The three biggest international and domestic competitions in world netball include the Netball World Championships, The Superleague and the ANZ championships.

Netball World Championships

This is the biggest international competition in world netball. It first took place in 1963, and is held every 4 years. It is organised and regulated by the International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA).Since its inception it has been dominated by the Australian and New Zealand national sides.


The Netball SuperLeague is the major elite club championship which takes place in England, Wales & Scotland. It was first held in 2005, and runs annually from November to June. It is often shown on satellite television, thanks to a major deal signed in 2006.

ANZ Championship

The ANZ Championship is the major elite club championship of Australasia. It is a joint venture between Netball Australia & Netball New Zealand. It is held annually between April and July. 10 teams compete in the Championship - 5 from Australia and 5 from New Zealand. The ANZ Championship has made a huge impact on the sport in Australasia and has seen netball become a semi-professional sport in both countries.