The aim is to shoot accurately under the pressure of having worked hard for the ball.



3 players - 2 static feeders with 1 ball each standing behind the goal line and 1 shooter (worker). 5 cones are placed around the circle edge which the shooter sprints to and from, receiving a pass near to the post in order to make a successful shot.

Coaching Points


  • Ensure passes from feeders are accurate and well timed, enabling the shooter to drive on to the ball
  • Use arms to assist a good sprinting technique
  • Plant front foot upon reaching the cone, push and pivot on this foot whilst turning hips and head round to facilitate a quick change of direction, maintaining an upright body position
  • When driving towards the post keep eyes up, focusing on the ball
  • After receiving the ball, steady your breathing whilst taking up a balanced shooting position. Exhale when executing the shot.



  • Increase the amount of cones
  • Player doesn't receive the ball every time they reach the post, therefore must move again to a different cone
  • Change the order of movement to the cones
  • Feeder call a coloured cone for the shooter to move towards