The aim is to co-ordinate the movements of 2 shooters in order to balance the shooting circle.


Organisation:  2 players (shooters), 4 cones arranged in a diamond formation in the centre of the shooting area. 1 shooter begins at the front of the diamond whilst the other player is positioned at the back of the shape - this player has "eyes at the back" and therefore responds to the movements of the front player. Movements can be forward, backwards and on the diagonal of the shape. Movements should create balance within this area, with no 2 players on the same side of the shape at any time.

Coaching Points

  • Use a number of movement patterns e.g. side step, slip step, and in a variety of directions, keeping your foot base small
  • Keep head still and facing front, turn hips and feet in the direction of your movement
  • Use arms to maximise speed of movement
  • Keep body upright


  • Build speed to maximise intensity
  • Circle Rotation Level 2 drill