The aim is to co-ordinate the movements of 2 shooters in order to balance the shooting circle and receive a pass from a feeder.


Organisation: 4 players (2 shooters, 2 feeders with 1 ball on outside of shooting area). 4 cones arranged in a diamond formation in the centre of the shooting area. Shooters take up position at 2 points of the diamond. Movements can be forward, backwards, and on the diagonal of the shape. Movements should create balance within this area, with no 2 players on the same side of the shape at any time. Feeders pass the ball between themselves until a pass can be made to a shooter who is making a move towards the post. 

Coaching Points

  • Use a number of movement patterns e.g. side step, slip step and in a variety of directions, keeping your foot base small
  • Keep head still and facing front, turn hips and feet in the direction of your movement
  • Use arms to maximise speed of movement
  • Keep body upright
  • Ensure feeder passes an accurate and well timed ball to shooter
  • Shooter should be attacking the ball and not standing still to receive the pass


  • Build speed to maximum intensity
  • First pass from feeder is to a shooter moving away from the post, shooter then feeds to partner who is driving towards the post.
  • Circle Rotation Level 3 drill