The aim is to  co-ordinate the movements of two shooters in order to balance the shooting circle and receive a pass from a feeder whilst under the pressure of a defender.


Organisation: 5 players (2 shooters, 2 feeders with 1 ball on outside of shooting area, 1 defender). Cones can now be removed. Shooters take up position at 2 points in the shooting area. Movements can be forward, backwards and on the diagonal of the space. Movements should create balance within this area, with no 2 players on the same side of the space at any time. Feeders pass the ball between themselves until passes can be made in to the shooting area, away from the defender. Shooters should work themselves towards the post for a shot at goal.  

Coaching points:

  • Use a number of movement patterns e.g. side step, slip step and in a variety of directions, keeping your foot base small
  • Keep head still and facing front, turn hips and feet in the direction of your movement
  • Use arms to maximise speed of movement
  • Keep body upright
  • Ensure feeders are opening their vision in to the circle when passing between themselves. All passes should be accurate and well timed.
  • Shooter should be attacking the ball and not standing still to receive the pass
  • Defender must be active in the sense of choosing a shooter to defend, switching players at any point


  • Build speed to maximum intensity
  • Steadily add defenders
  • Overload defenders (have more defenders than attackers in order to make them work harder for the ball and space)
  • Build up into a 4v4 game situation, adding the condition of the amount of balls to be passed before a shot is taken