The aim is to use the correct shooting technique in order to accurately and consistently score goals whilst balanced on one foot, gaining a position which is closer to the post


Organisation: 1 post, 1 ball, 1 shooter. Take up a stationary position close to the post. Move forward onto 1 foot, lifting the other off the ground and using the correct shooting technique shoot for goal whilst maintaining a balanced position on this leg

Coaching Points

  • Ensure your non-landing foot moves forward and the landing foot is lifted in the air
  • Take up your balanced shooting position before stepping forward

Ready Position

  • Feet in a comfortable forward facing position, not too far apart
  • Balanced position, with equal weight on both feet and hips facing the front
  • Ball held by dominant hand and high above the head. Fingers point back and are slightly open, ball sits in your hand.
  • Second hand is placed at the side of the ball to steady its position
  • Elbows slightly flexed, lined in the direction of the post.


  • Focus on a point above the ring to give height to your shot
  • Power through the ankles by pushing up through slightly flexed knees
  • Maintain balanced position
  • Flex elbows not allowing the ball to drop behind your head
  • Wrist flicks as the ball is released off the fingers in order to create a backwards spin
  • Fingers follow the ball on a high trajectory towards the post, dropping in to the ring
  • Aim to drop the ball through the net without it touching the ring


  • Practice stepping on to both legs
  • Sprint towards the post to receive a pass
  • Add a 2nd stage defender
  • Ask other people to distract you during this process e.g. shouting, nudging, or visually in order for you to maintain concentration and balance