The aim is to use a turn in the air in order to open your vision and passing options around the shooting circle.


Organisation: 4 players - 3 feeders positioned in a triangle around the shooting circle, 1 worker (shooter). Worker drives towards feeder to receive a high ball whilst turning in the air, landing so that they face the post. The worker then quickly passes to another feeder, sprinting towards the post and receiving the ball again in order to shoot for goal.  

Coaching Points

  • Ensure the passes from the feeders assist the worker in carrying out the drill accurately
  • To complete a turn in the air successfully hips and head must twist quickly after taking the ball at height
  • Land in a balanced and upright position, enabling you to release the ball quickly
  • Make a clear sprint using your arms for maximum speed, towards the same side of the post as your feeder
  • Shoot for goal using the correct shooting technique


  • Practice throwing from both your left and right hands
  • Add a defender
  • Add more defending players around the area to make a modified game incorporating the condition of a turn in the air for the shooter