The aim is to encourage all players to participate in bringing the ball down the court.


Netball Whole Court Play

Organisation: 7 players working on the whole court, spaced in this area according to their position. GK starts with the ball passing it to GD followed by WD – C – WA – GA – GS. GA can then make a second drive in to the shooting area to receive the ball under the post for a shot at goal

Coaching Points:

  • Ensure passes are accurate and into the space, enabling the moving player to attack the ball
  • Keep head and eyes up, maintaining an awareness of the players and space around you
  • Make your drives clear by using your arms and moving into the space available, aiming to balance the court at all times


  • Vary the starting position of the GK e.g. goal line throw-in, rebound etc.
  • Incorporate a Change of Direction before receiving the ball