A drop kick is performed either to attempt a drop goal if within range or to restart the game from the centre spot following a try scored. The aim is to drop the ball on its end so it bounces straight back up to be kicked.


Rugby Kicking

Description: Before kicking the ball players have to decide where they want the ball to land. They should point their body and the ball towards the target and then keep their eyes fixed firmly on the ball. Hold the ball at arms length, in the kicking side hand (right hand for a right footer), waist height, and at a 45 degree angle.

When dropping the ball point the toes down, make contact with the centre of the ball, above the boot laces, and accelerate through the ball.

Keep the head down, with the body over the ball, pointing toes up on the follow through.

The drop kick is used to score drop goals when the opportunity arises.