The grubber kick is very much used as an attacking move as it involves the ball being kicked along the ground, through a defensive gap. The shape of the rugby ball means this kick can bounce in any direction making it difficult for a defender to pick up.


Rugby Kicking

Description: When thinking of using a grubber kick the kicker should select a target, often a gap in the defense. After deciding where to kick the ball, it is then very important that the kickers eyes stay focused on it. The kicker should lean forward so that their head is comfortably over the ball. Hold the ball vertically with the hands across the seams.

The kicker then drops the ball, points their toes towards the ground, keeps the knee bent and over the ball. Strike the upper half of the ball, with the laces, just before it bounces. Extend the leg through to a low, straight position, this should send the ball along the ground.