The back row consists of the two flankers on either side and the number 8 at the back. All players in the back row need to help out in both attacking and defensive situations. Speed and good contact skills are important in playing a back row role.

 With regards to the scrum the flankers help to push, defend, or support an attack. The number 8 stays at the base of the scrum and starts attacks from this position whenever possible.

Rugby Positions

In a line out situation a player can become an extra jumper if they are tall enough, otherwise they just look to help defend or attack depending on which team is in possession.

Whilst in open play a back row player should make more tackles than any other position. Back row players should also be ready to join in on rucks and mauls, but have the intelligence to know when to stay out.Try and keep possession for the team, and pick the correct option in attack. Look to pass the ball wherever possible, and avoid being tackled, to keep the ball moving.