The fly half is another influential position in the team, as their main role is to bring all of the attacking players into the game. Fly halfs need to have good vision, be controlled in possession, a quick thinker, and have good all round ability.

At the scrum the fly half helps to defend if its an opposition put in. If the fly halfs team are putting in then they must know when to play deep or flat.

Rugby Positions

On a line out fly halfs must be able to kick well under pressure, and create space for their teammates, this all adds up to a constant threat for the opposition to deal with. However fly halfs must not shy away from their defensive responsibilities.

Again in open play fly halfs must be able to open up the field with a good, accurate kick or pass. Spotting opportunities to attack is an important part of this role as it can allow the team to break through the defense and score.